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My 5 Favorite Restaurants in Portland

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My 5 Favorite Restaurants in Portland

   articles   May 5, 2017  No Comments

We are going to write an article on the top 5 restaurants in Portland Oregon. Read on to find out what our top 5 favorite restaurants in Portland are, and then you can pop in for a visit at one or all of them.

Hat Yai
This restaurant offers counter service and it is the best place to order Thai fried chicken. It’s also a good place to order other Thai dishes, such as curries from Hat Yai, a city located in southern Thailand.

This is a bistro that serves vegetable inspired dishes, as well as seasonal dishes. Some of the dishes you can get include sheep cheese dumplings with cheer tomatoes. If you like farm-inspired cooking, then you’ll love this restaurant.

The Waiting Room
Do you love southern cooking? If so, you’ll love The Waiting Room. You’ll love the fried chicken they serve and the bubbly is decisions. Feel free to order oysters too and many other types of southern-inspired dishes. When you’re in Portland and you’re craving southern cooking, then you’ll want to drop by The Waiting Room.

Kasbah Moroccan Cafe
Here is where you can indulge in Moroccan dishes. Feel free to drop by for lunch, an early evening snack or go for lunch. The cafe serves sandwiches, flatbreads and more. Just make sure you arrive before 7:30pm because they do close early. Also, the breakfast dishes are amazing, so you should go there at least once in the morning. If you’ve never had Moroccan food, then you’re in for a treat.

Han Oak
Last on our list is Han Oak, which is a Korean barbecue restaurant. It is one of the most unique restaurants in the area. If you enjoy Korean barbecue dinners or you want to try them, then visit Han Oak.

Those are our top 5 picks for the best restaurants in all of Portland. Sure, the city is home to dozens and dozens of restaurants, but the above 5 are without a doubt the best. Go ahead and eat at them and find out for yourself what makes them the best restaurants in Portland.

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